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Welcome to Innolift UK

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Innovative self loader

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Introducing the Innolift IL500

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Revolutionary new self loader, designed for Vans and other light commercial vehicles

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The only forklift you can take with you

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The only lift loader made that lifts itself

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Charges via the vehicle's cigarette lighter plug as you drive

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Eliminates the need for a vehicle with a taillift

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Ideal for any Small Business, Couriers or Light Haulage Companys


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Welcome to Innolift

The Innolift is a revolutionary new lightweight durable forklift that is designed to be transported with the goods, in light to medium commercial vehicles.

The Innolift is the only lift loader made that lifts itself into and out of the delivery vehicle!

The Innolift quickly loads itself and the palletised cargo onto the van and unloads the van at the destination, leaving the driver to operate completely independently from the warehouse staff, and all but eliminates manual loading and unloading.

The huge advantage is that the driver does not have to lift heavy loads in often awkward circumstances, so from a health and safety perspective the Innolift is the perfect answer.

The time saving aspects alone ensure the Innolift is extremely cost-effective, allowing a quick return on a small investment. InnoliftUK can also offer highly competitive leasing arrangements maximising the tax saving on the purchase, (Subject to Status).

The machine itself is manufactured to very high standard, making it reliable and simple to operate and maintain. Efficiency in design and production ensures the Innolift is affordable for any business small or large. It can lift up to 600kg as high as 1120mm.

Powered by a 12v battery, a .8kw motor and hydraulic pack, the machine comes with a high speed charger and a charging lead for in-vehicle charging.

Four models have been designed and manufactured to suit most business requirements. With the largest machine weighing just 204kg, the operator can maximise the vehicles carrying capacity. This eliminates the need for that expensive tail lift which requires a separate pallet truck or cart.

Designed for use with open bottom pallets, skids and crates, the versatile Innolift is ideal in a wide variety of applications. Examples include- moving heavy medical and office equipment, white goods, building materials, UPS equipment and anything on a Euro Pallet.

Examples of Businesses and Industries where the Innolift has sold within the UK-
  • University Logistics
  • Vending Machines Suppliers
  • Stone masons
  • Stanley and Aga cooker Suppliers
  • Heating and Electrical Equipment Suppliers and Installers
  • Wood Burning Stoves Retailers
  • Generator Power Systems manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Civil Engineering Companies
  • Catering Equipment Suppliers
  • AND, of course- Delivery companies and Couriers, who can actually charge their customers for using the Innolift which shows a direct return on their Investment!
In short, the Innolift is a Must for any Small, Medium or Large Business; to summarize the advantages:-
  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Can lift up to 600kg as high as 1120 mm
  • Can be loaded and unloaded in seconds
  • Using the Innolift eliminates lifting health and safety issues
  • Ease of use helps reduce costs, and improves working conditions
  • Ideal for any small or medium commercial vehicle
  • Suitable for any warehousing environment
  • No operator's licence required
  • Conforms to all EU required regulations

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